Position Details

Sales Analyst
Alpharetta, GA
Vice President, Sales
Position Background

Cartiva, Inc. is a private medical device company located in Alpharetta, Georgia. Cartiva is dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients with osteoarthritis, cartilage damage and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Cartiva’s Synthetic Cartilage Implant (SCI) recently obtained FDA PMA approval for sales in the US. The Cartiva SCI is a biocompatible material with physical properties similar to native cartilage. The device is implanted into the joint, providing a new smooth, compressible bearing surface. Our recently published clinical data, from the largest study ever conducted for this condition, shows the Cartiva SCI reduces pain, improves function and preserves natural joint motion.

We expect our sales organization to position the Cartiva SCI technology as the new standard of care for great toe arthritis (replacing joint fusion and metal implants), and anticipate expanding our product offering for arthritis in the thumb and knee in the future.

Job Summary

The purpose of this position is to develop comprehensive sales analytics, sales reporting, and accurate forecasting techniques to serve as management’s basis for informed sales decisions, along with supporting sales goals such as establishing a market presence and developing a successful training program for sales personnel and healthcare providers. The role will also coordinate trade shows, physician training and company website updates.

Essential Responsibilities

Essential duties include:

  • Obtain, compile, and analyze sales data, including but not limited to physician lists, surgical facilities, podiatry lists, population and demographic data, surgical procedure data, payment information, distributor lists, and related information
  • Develop sales related databases
  • Develop and maintain sales territory alignment map
  • Perform website updates using physician, facility, and related data
  • Manage and track distribution of sales leads
  • Maintain tradeshow/meeting calendar and coordinate arrangements/logistics encompassing the company booth, demo product, sales literature, props, and PowerPoint presentations
  • Support sales and customer training programs
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Essential responsibilities include:

  • Perform ongoing sales analyses to develop, manage, and track sales efforts and strategies
  • Fully support sales department goals and objectives through management directed and selfinitiated efforts
  • Must be willing to work overtime as required, including weekends.
Supervisory Responsibilities


  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 2+ years prior sales analyst experience preferred
Other Skills
  • Proficient with current Microsoft Office and other current computer programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and sales and mapping software
  • Inquisitive and highly analytical
  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Good written and verbal communication abilities, including good listening skills
  • Ability to work well within a team and complete assigned tasks quickly, effectively and with minimal supervision
  • Self-starter, detail oriented and results driven
  • Ability to work within established timelines