Jun 08, 2015

Cartiva Announces First Human Implant of ProxiFuse™ Hammertoe Compression System

Cartiva, Inc., a developer of innovative solutions for the treatment of cartilage damage, osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions, announced that the first human implant of its ProxiFuse™ Hammertoe Compression System (“ProxiFuse”) was performed last week by Judith F. Baumhauer, M.D., at the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Sawgrass Surgery Center. The FDA-cleared ProxiFuse system is an innovative solution for patients requiring fusion of the lesser toes for hammertoe, claw toe and mallet toe deformities.

Hammertoes are permanent and often painful deformities of the second, third or fourth toe that cause the toe to bend at the middle joint instead of pointing forward. Surgical correction of hammer toe deformities is one of the most commonly performed forefoot procedures. One routine procedure is straightening and fusing the joint, in which the ends of the bone are cut and aligned. Pins, screws or other implants are used to keep the toe straight while the bone ends heal together. ProxiFuse is designed to provide optimal fixation, compression and stability following the procedure.

“While multiple fixation methods have been used to achieve a stable correction, ProxiFuse addresses some limitations that have existed with implants in the past,” said Dr. Baumhauer, Associate Chair of Academic Affairs and Professor, Division of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Rochester. “Placement of the ProxiFuse was accomplished in a quick, simple surgical procedure. The unique design of the device allows for compression across the joint, providing a noticeable, rigid fixation of the joint, just what we hoped to achieve. We’ll follow the patient’s progress over the coming months using a validated patient reported outcome instrument (PROMIS), and we look forward to the patient telling us how she feels about her hammertoe correction with ProxiFuse.”

“Hammertoes are a very significant problem, affecting one-third of the general population and leading to approximately 600,000 annual surgical implant procedures in the United States alone,” said Timothy J. Patrick, president and chief executive officer of Cartiva. “We believe the innovative suture-lock design of the ProxiFuse offers unique compressive capabilities and other advantages to existing methods of digital correction.”


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